The Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady - Amersfoort started her mission in Baras Rizal, the Philippines on February 2nd, 2004. The first two pioneer sisters for the mission in The Philippines are Sr. Elisa Maria  and Sr. Prisilia. In the beginning of starting this mission, the congregation had a collaboration with the 'Stichting Noodhulp Filippijnen'. This foundation cares for the poor children by accomodating them in a boarding house.

After a year living in the Foundation and getting acquaintance with the environment, since February 12th, 2005 the two sisters moved to a rent house at 138F Manalo Street, Barangay Evangelist, Baras Rizal 1970.
Sr. Prisilia was still helping the children in the orphanage and boarding house of this Foundation. Sr. Elisa prepared her team to start a play group. Hand in hand, they fulfilled the pastoral duties in the Catholic community.

On June 8th, 2005 Mater Dei Pre School was started at Sitio Malalim and managed by  Sr. Elisa. Dr. Makaso, who was an education manager at Tanay, suggested renew the name of Mater Dei Pre School and it was called "Mater Dei Learning Centre".

The mission in The Philippines has been started to respond the desire of the Indonesian province to help the children to get good education, especially for the poor. On the basic of our spirituality and the charisma of the congregation, we want to share the goodness of God through our mission services.


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