Sr. Prisilia is a leader community of Baras Community. At the beginning of our mission in the Philippines, Sr. Prisilia and Sr. Elisa took part and regularly involved (for part time) to serve the children in "orphan house" that belong to Stichting Nood Philippijnen. After then the sisters moved to the rent house, but she still helped the foundation for several years. It was our starting point for mission in The Philippines.
The sisters who ever supported the mission in Baras among others: Sr. Yuliana, Sr. Ernestine (they already returned to Indonesia), and at this moment Sr. Elionora and Sr. Venansia who care for the school. God is good! said  the sisters. "If God will, He will lead us to manage our mission here". We trust our mission in God's plan and with full of hope for the future. After 11 years the presence of our mission in The Philippines; with facing up and down to deal with many challenges; now the congregation will continue to develop it and to most of our mission is to share the living of our spirituality in Baras through our life and mission services.
Living the example of Mother Julie Billiart, we want to serve the children for a good education and special to give attention to the poor children, that they get a proper basic education.

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